Technology aids in Language Acquisition

When the technology is best used it could yield huge benefits. It could reap many benefits in child’s learning.

technology connects mind and builds language

In the recent times, there has been a constant uproar on the pros and cons technology carries with itself. One side of the coin strongly advocates the advantages. To mention a few, it has made life easy, there is lesser need to move around as all is easily available on a click.

Whereas the other aspect mentions technology as biggest contributor to human’s immobility. Due to lack of movement, we have invited many illnesses like obesity , high blood pressure etc. Furthermore, it has limited family conversations . Nowadays there wont be a house with people chatting looking at each other. On the other hand, we visualize a house wherein everyone is occupied in her smart phones (deeply engrossed).

I as an individual, I am not here to take sides. I am completely aware of the pros and cons. Knowing the cons, still I would strongly emphasis on the tremendous scope it provides for language acquisition. The young minds who are inquisitive by nature would not accept hackneyed methodologies. Instead, they would want their facilitator to bring in newer technologies which will enhance their learning with fun.

Technology can aid in language acquisition. To state an instance to build my point further, my daughter requests me to video record her while she narrated a story using her finger puppets (self-created). The mother (that is me) willingly agrees not thinking much of the humongous learning opportunities it could provide. So here we started, let me take you through the complete process.

The first recording went without any practice which you could see in the link We recorded this video without any planning, scripting or characterization. This was the raw idea presented. Point to note that the language mastery (all created through conversations and interactions helped Aaliyaa move to the next step of creating a story).

Post the video was recorded, Aaliyaa and I sat and watched it through. While watching she realized that she used the word ‘so’ many times as the connecting word. Her realization was the first step towards change in her language structures. My role as her facilitator was to apprise her with the new connecting words like ‘but’, ‘although’, ‘however’, ‘furthermore’ etc. Knowing the different kinds of connecting words helped her bring the change in the language structures. She might not imbibe them instantly, however, I am certain that the changes will happen with repetitive usage in different contexts. (As guided by me)

The point I want to bring back home is that technology is a great resource and tool to learn through. As a parent, we need to invest our time and our child’s time in learning something out of it than being merely a passive recipient to whatever it provides us. Instead of allowing the cartoons to rule your child’s mind, create opportunities wherein they can interact with it (obviously under your supervision). Let them take ownership of their own learning facilitated and guided by you. Once the ownership is well taken in, the child will always want to learn and evolve in the process. A word of caution though, the access and useage should be well monitored for adequate usage. the child should never be given easy access to it , as it could lead to dangerous outcomes as well. That is why it is mentioned to be a guided and facilated process than independent.