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Toy review #3 Memory Game

Here we are again! During the last week, Aaliyaa and I played another game. The game titled ‘Memory game’. The game has 10 picture cards. Along with that, there is a blue coloured cardholder, wherein the picture cards are inserted. The blue coloured cardholder has squares on them wherein the triangular holders are kept. The …

I am, me!

I am what I am, feel blissful of what I do, look at me with a smile not an iota of doubt in your head. I deserve your respect the way it goes for all! Include me in your thoughts, the actions will proceed.

When disability is an Obstruction of mind

The worst thing about a disability is that the people see it before they see you Easter Seals I have been sitting in my room to interact with many parents to guide them on the areas to be worked with their kid, the dos and don’ts ( assuming they ll follow all). I religiously perform …