New Me

Wonder of God, is who I am

I am set apart with an intelligent mind and a loving heart.

Mesmerized by the beauty through my eyes.

I can walk on the path of life with steady two feet,

Each part is vital and essential,

The importance is understood when it’s not around.

I consider myself fortunate to be me!

Even with these blessings

 There are moments of bewilderment

When I feel unsure

Of what I have and what I am heading to

I wonder what went wrong

In my way to look at life.

Here is a new me,

I promise to thank the universe,

For the air I breathe and soul I possess.

I pledge to be kind to all, with my words and smile

I assure I stand for the right,

To ensure all are looked and felt alike.

I am an educationalist!

I could create wonders through those little minds.

The value of life for one and all

Is what I am going to take in my stride.

Author: Upasana Kapur

In the teaching field from past 12 years, with each year adding to my learning curve. The love for the kids and aim to scaffold them to reach their zone of proximal development keeps me hooked to my profession. Each year, I have been involved in training my staff members and parents in areas like special education, response to intervention model and precision teaching; classroom management and devising an individualised plan for the child as per his/her needs. The success attained by the students gives me immense peace! I aim to have happy, chirpy kids around!

4 thoughts on “New Me”

  1. Very well written, Upasana! There is scope of improvement, honing our skills and finding a newer self in each one us. What we need is the correct lens to see things around us. A teacher is a learner, too!

    1. Indeed, Priyanka ! A teacher should be a learner always in order to keep the spirit of learning alive. Being aware of my current realities equips me to undergo the journey of transformation.

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