Why Play?

Puzzled and confused she asked , one fine day

Why send my child to play?

I looked at her and smiled,

Coz that is what makes them fine.

With a pause, I spoke again

Not only does it let their energy gain

Also, helps them learn to wait

with their own age-mates.

Or else they will always want to be the ‘first’

Impulse control is a must!

Besides, it helps them to learn,

on how to take turns!

A bit settled in her thoughts, she glares

waiting patiently and wanting me to continue with my flair!

I proceeded and said,

Let them do their jobs well.

Play helps them to know how to talk

instead of being mocked.

Perspectives are learnt

and not only taught!

I concluded to say,

The child should play,

for at least some time of the day!

She smiled back and said,

Now I know

Why is it important to play!

Author: Upasana Kapur

In the teaching field from past 12 years, with each year adding to my learning curve. The love for the kids and aim to scaffold them to reach their zone of proximal development keeps me hooked to my profession. Each year, I have been involved in training my staff members and parents in areas like special education, response to intervention model and precision teaching; classroom management and devising an individualised plan for the child as per his/her needs. The success attained by the students gives me immense peace! I aim to have happy, chirpy kids around!

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  1. You have beautiful blog. And great topics discussed. Wish you publish them in word press too at your convenience. Your about column is also great.

    1. Hey
      Thank you for your kind words
      If you could assist me on doing the same for reaching more people.

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